Florida Man Drives His Ford F-150 Onto a Toyota Camry to Protect His Family

The 18-year-old father turned his Ford into a defensive weapon to stop the Camry’s driver, according to police.

byMax Goldberg|
Ford News photo

Road rage can be scary—especially when loved ones are involved. Just ask 18-year-old Florida man Zach Waring.

According to local news station News 13, 53-year-old Adalberto Aponte was driving erratically when he approached Waring’s car at a stop light, Ocala, Florida police said. According to reports, Aponte came up to the driver’s side window of Waring’s lifted Ford F-150 and began striking him in the face. 

Waring’s girlfriend (and the mother of their 11-month old child) stated they had a gun in the car. Although this was not true, she hoped it would scare off the violent offender, according to authorities. Further enraged, Aponte reportedly stated, “I will show you a real gun!” 

Aponte then pivoted and began to return to his car, according to police, possibly to retrieve said item from his vehicle. Unable to proceed forward due to cross traffic, Waring stated he felt stuck, and determined the only solution was to prevent Aponte from entering his car by driving his jacked-up F-150 onto the hood of the Camry. Waring’s actions proved to be effective and Aponte was reportedly unable to continue his attack.

Aponte was arrested by Ocala, Florida police and charged with burglary, battery, criminal mischief and driving with a suspended license, according to an arrest affidavit.