Watch Cops Flip a Truck Courtesy of a PIT Maneuver During High-Speed Chase

This is what happens when you refuse to pull over and officers run out of patience.

byMarco Margaritoff| UPDATED Nov 22, 2018 6:00 PM
Watch Cops Flip a Truck Courtesy of a PIT Maneuver During High-Speed Chase

The California Highway Patrol used an effective pursuit intervention technique (PIT) maneuver to end a high-speed chase and stop the driver of a stolen cargo truck in Seal Beach last week. The move caused the truck to hit a center median and subsequently flip over, KTLA reports

The pursuit began in Long Beach and forced authorities to chase the driver all the way to Buena Park before having the strategic opportunity to use a PIT move on the truck. For the uninitiated, a PIT maneuver is a tactical driving skill utilized to forcibly bring another vehicle to a halt. The Pursuit Intervention Technique allows authorities to spin another out from behind, which seemed to be warranted in this particular case. The suspect had reportedly been driving frantically, weaving in and out of traffic and dangerously crossing intersections. 

You’d be forgiven to think the actual chase came to a swift end once the truck hit a median, flipped over, and resulted in a refrigerator, a recliner, and soil spilling onto the streets. However, the pursuit continued once the driver fled the scene on foot until authorities eventually tackled him to the ground in a nearby parking lot. 

The aerial footage captured by Sky5 details the entire third act of the incident, from authorities implementing a functional PIT move, the subsequent crash, and the resulting foot chase. Once tackled, the driver was officially apprehended by three police officers and taken into custody. 

As it stands, no further details about the suspect or police measures implemented during pursuit have been released.