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Crazy Ohio Dealership Now Selling 1,200-HP Ford Mustangs for $45K

The same folks who brought us the 727-horsepower, $40K Mustang now make a muscle car with Bugatti-like levels of power.

In case you needed further proof that this decade is the golden age of muscle car performance, well, here you go: a dealership in Ohio is offering new twin-turbo Ford Mustangs capable of 1,200 horsepower for a starting price of $44,499. God bless America.

Lebanon Ford of Lebanon, Ohio, even whipped up a special name for their twin-turbo ‘Stang build: the LFP Hellion. (LFP stands for “Lebanon Ford Performance,” in case you were wondering.) 

To build a Hellion, LFP takes a new Mustang GT and adds a pair of 62mm turbos, a set of Turbosmart VEE port bypass valves, and a big vertical flow dual inlet intercooler, as well as a cat-back exhaust. Add in the base price of the V8 Mustang, and you come to a total price of $44,499—a sum that even includes labor costs.


The twin snails can be adjusted to supply anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds of boost, depending on how much juice the driver desires. While the higher figure equates to Bugatti Veyron Super Sport-like power figures, even the minimum amount dials the car up to around 600 horsepower at the crank.

Of course, if you want to really get the most out of this Mustang, you might want to spring for the second Hellion package. For an extra five grand, that adds on a few performance items—a fuel pump voltage booster, new fuel injectors, new halfshafts, and oil pump gears—likely to come in handy when pushing quadruple-digit horsepower figures out of a car that starts at $33,000. 

If something about this rings a bell, that’s likely because Lebanon Ford’s steroidal Mustangs have graced this site before. In May 2016, The Drive spoke with the dealership about its 727-horsepower supercharged ‘Stang setup, which it offers starting at a five-spot less than $40K. 

Of course, if you’d rather spring for a stupidly-powerful forced-induction Mustang with a full factory warranty, you can always hold off for the 2018 Shelby GT500, likely due to debut sometime in the next six months. But clearly, if you’re considering a 1,200-hp muscle car…waiting isn’t your strong suit.