Insane Ohio Ford Dealer Offers Twin-Turbo, 800-Horsepower 2018 Mustang Starting at $51,995

It’s not really a Mustang anymore—it’s a fire-breathing, army destroying dragon bent on absolute world domination.

bySam Bendall|

Have you ever felt that your Mustang was lacking in power? Maybe the model you purchased doesn't quite have that gut crushing force of a space shuttle taking off or the roar of a tiger in a tunnel. Well, your life could change for the better courtesy of Lebanon Ford Performance in Mid-Ohio with the dealer's upcoming LFP Hellion Mustang Performance Package. 

As if the LFP 727 Performance upgrade for $39,995 wasn't enough, the Ohioan performance aftermarket garage’s motto for 2018 is "Pick Your Power," which brings about plenty of opportunities to go faster. Their goal is to provide you with the most savage, fire-breathing, spine-tingling ’Stang money can buy, all on the cheap. 

According to those at Lebanon Ford, the LFP Hellion package will be built 100 percent in-house and will start at $51,995—including the price of the car. It will feature all the upgrades needed to run safely and be customizable to add more power and performance after the fact. LFP is claiming the package will be able to put down 800 hp at the crank on 7-8 pounds of boost. For those looking for less power, the lowest boost setting customers will see could provide in between 660-700 wheel horsepower depending on dyno and conditions.


This particular twin-turbo system has the potential to turn your everyday pony into a rubber destroying hoon machine.  They even claim that it's possible for the system to generate north of 1,200 rear wheel horsepower with supporting additional modifications (E85, fuel system upgrades, etc.).

The LFP Hellion Package Includes: (300A Package, Manual GT)

•    Hellion Turbo System with Twin 62mm Precision Built Turbos

•    Twin Precision Built 46mm Wastegates with Dual Blow-Off Valves as Standard

•   Large Vertical Flow Intercooler with the highest flow bar/plate available

•   Boost capabilities from 7psi to a whopping 30psi!

•    X-Pipe

•    1000cc Injectors

•    TSS Oil Pump Gears (Includes Oil Gear & Timing Gear & Crankshaft Bolt)

•    Driveshaft Shop 800HP Halfshafts

•    N-Gauge Tuning Device

•    Custom Tune via Addiction Motorsports

•    All install labor and supplies

As a representative from Lebanon Ford told The Drive, the original example of this power-crazed Mustang is the first 2018 model year GT equipped with forced induction to be offered by a dealer. That, and the fact that the kit is comprised of widely-known, reliable parts, means that it could be the perfect turnkey package at an astoundingly low $50,000 price point.

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