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Ohio Ford Dealer Sneaks 800 HP Into Its Mustangs for $39,995

It'll also be disguised to look factory-fresh.

It used to be that $39,995 could get you a 727-horsepower Ford Mustang, but on Wednesday, Ohio-based dealership Lebanon Ford announced that the same amount of cash can now buy an extra 73 horsepower.

Lebanon Ford Performance launched its fourth “Pick Your Power” dealer performance package—the 800-horsepower Hellion Turbo upgrade—in a new flavor, called Street Sleeper. This package takes Hellion Power Systems’s twin-turbo package for 2018 and 2019 model year Mustangs and conceals the pair of 62-millimeter snails beneath the engine. Retaining the factory air intake means nobody that checks under your hood will know to expect a Mustang that makes 800 horsepower at the crank, and 700 at the rear wheels—on low boost, just 7 pounds per square inch.

Extra boost can be crammed into the engine with supporting modifications, which LFP will also sell and install for you. They include a 7-pound wastegate spring, high-flow fuel pump and injectors, stronger axles, and other parts, which together make the car capable of almost 1,000 crank horsepower. For more cash still, LFP and its partners will take your engine’s power as high as you want, to over 2,000 horsepower on more than 40 psi of boost.

Owners of 2018 model year or older Mustangs bought elsewhere can also join in on the fun, as LFP states it sells bolt-on Hellion kits for current-generation Mustangs for $6,395.

LFP doesn’t promise that any of these packages won’t violate your warranty, however, and because the 2018 Mustang GT is already hellishly quick from the factory, more power in the hands of a new Mustang owner sounds like a recipe for disaster. If you’re scared of something busting without a warranty on a 700-plus horsepower Mustang, you may want to hold out for the Shelby GT500.