Ford Announces Special-Edition RTR Upgrade Package for Mustang

Ford will sell only 500 of the unique RTR package through its dealer network.

byJames Gilboy|
Ford News photo

Ford announced Monday that it has teamed up with RTR Vehicles to design a limited-run upgrade package for its Ford Mustang pony car.

Called the Series One Mustang RTR package, it can be installed on any current-generation Ford Mustang EcoBoost or GT equipped with the Performance Pack One. Only 500 will be available through Ford dealers starting in early 2019, where customers can have the kits installed by Ford technicians to retain the warranties on their cars.


Included as part of the package are a handful of performance upgrades and a plethora of cosmetic mods. Adjustable sway bars and a staggered 19-inch wheel setup (9.5 inch-wide fronts, 10 inch-wide rears) augments its grip at all speeds, while RTR adds a Gurney flap to the car's spoiler to boost downforce at high speeds.

Appearance mods are more extensive, the most obvious being those made to the Mustang's front end. Lights bookend an RTR grille and streaky decals follow the hood and fender lines to accent the car's contours. RTR logos can be found on the fenders, grille, floor mats, and shift knob, while puddle lights project an RTR onto the ground with the doors open. If anyone doubts that they’re gazing upon a real RTR Mustang, they need only look to the illuminated, numbered RTR dash plaque to verify its authenticity.


"Our goal was to take the driving and owner experience of the iconic Ford Mustang to the next level," said Vaugh Gittin Junior, pro drifter and president of RTR Vehicles. "This collaboration has created a Mustang that offers smile-inducing street driving, diverse capability on the track and a very distinctive owner experience for those looking to stand out from the crowd."


Ford has not said anything about what the RTR package will cost customers. The Drive reached out for more information from the company, and we'll update when we hear back.