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This Ohio Ford Dealer Will Sell You a Nitrous-Boosted, 10-Second Mustang GT off the Showroom Floor

Go ahead, live your wildest Ford Mustang dreams.

Ford enthusiasts should have heard of Beechmont Ford Performance by now, the Ohio-based dealership known for selling supercharged, 700-plus horsepower Mustang GTs for just under $40,000 a pop.  In Beechmont Ford’s next strike in its self-declared “horsepower war,” it is now selling brand new Mustang GTs with a bottle of nitrous in the back. 

Beechmont Ford (BFP) claims its new Drag Pak gives customers what they need to drive straight out of the dealership and head to the nearest drag strip to run a 10.8-second quarter-mile with no other modifications needed. In addition to the shot of nitrous oxide in the trunk, the package includes a nitrous outlet kit, remote bottle opener, Win Max WOT switch, nitrous controller, Steeda drag springs, Mickey Thompson Street SS tires, and an assortment of durability modifications like DSS 800 horsepower-rated half shafts, billet oil pump gears, and upgraded crank sprockets. 

“We often see supercharged cars or other builds rolling out and have to add this disclaimer that ‘you’re only a few suspension mods and a tire away from the 10’s’,” explained Charlie Watson, marketing manager at Beechmont Ford in an email to The Drive. “The BFP Drag Pak is designed to have the ability to be driven from our parking lot to the strip and run 10’s. No tire change, no suspension change, no fuel upgrades. It’s ready.”

Thanks to the arsenal of supporting modifications included with the Drag Pak, the only additional maintenance customers will need to do is refill the nitrous bottle. In addition, the nitrous-injected ‘Stangs are still covered with a partial warranty, although not to the extent that Beechmont’s supercharged offerings are.

“Nitrous is a very efficient and very misunderstood power adder,” Watson continued.  “It’s not more dangerous than a supercharger or a turbo, it’s just easier to abuse.”

The Drag Pak can be added to any Mustang GT trim level and configuration with either a manual or automatic gearbox. BFP stresses that this is just one option you can add to its in-house-modified Mustangs, so if you want an even more power and/or a lower number on the time slip, Beechmont will happily install a supercharger or turbocharger of your choosing. 

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but BFP assured us that customers will enjoy similar pricing benefits as their high-horsepower, low-cost supercharged builds.