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There’s a New Dealer-Special Classic Chevy Pickup Truck Conversion and Life Is Good

Time to teach a new dog some old tricks.

Whatever your opinion on new car dealerships, they can be great laboratories to bring truly cool concepts to life. See the reborn Ford F-150 Lightning from Pioneer Ford in Georgia, or the 800-horsepower “Hellion” Mustang out of Lebanon Ford in Ohio. Or take a trip back in time with today’s subject: A Super 10 retro tribute package from a Chevy dealer in Pennsylvania that adds a classic, old-school look to a brand-new Silverado.

Valley Chevrolet is offering to turn any truck on their lot into a time machine with a Cheyenne Super 10 conversion kit that includes a 3.5-inch lift, 18-inch rally wheels with BF Goodrich white lettered tires, a two-tone decal package, special “Big 10” badging, and chromed-out mirrors covers and door handles. That might not sound like a lot, but the cumulative effect is a pickup that looks like it drove out of the backcountry in 1975. It’s a clean, well-executed concept that should probably be offered from the factory, frankly.

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The Cheyenne nameplate was first introduced by Chevrolet in 1971 as the name for its top-trim trucks. The 2018 version is a hair more humble, sporting the cloth seats and unadorned interior of its Silverado LT base. Still, the overall effect works great, especially considering how much fancier pickups have become in the last few decades.

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So far, the dealership has put together three of the trucks since debuting the option last month, using the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT in Double Cab and Crew Cab configurations as a canvas. The first two have since been sold, but there’s a mighty fine looking Silverado LT in Tangier Orange over white sitting on the lot just waiting for its new owner. Expect it to go in the high $40,000 range.

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If this looks familiar to you, it’s because this is actually the second Seventies-styled Super 10 retro package we’ve featured in the last few months. Blake Greenfield Chevrolet Buick started this craze in December when it unveiled its take on a modern square body truck complete with a subtle lift kit, white steel wheels and lettered tires, and a high-clearance front bumper.

The two builds do look pretty similar, but if the public’s rabid response has been any indication, there’s plenty of room in the market for even more retro truck conversions. Any dealers out there want to try their hands at bringing back the Free Wheelin’ Fords?

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