Fiat Chrysler Debuts Dodge Law Enforcement Vehicle Page

Now departments can easily pick out which Dodge vehicle works best for their needs.

byMax Goldberg|
Fiat Chrysler Debuts Dodge Law Enforcement Vehicle Page


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has a new law enforcement fleet vehicle page designed for easy use by departments interested in new Dodge vehicles for their fleet. Like most car websites, the fleet page highlights vehicle pricing, features, performance, efficiency and much more. 

However, the layout of the website is a little easier to manage than its counterparts over at GM and Ford. Although both competitors have adequate documentation on fleet vehicles, they primarily live on PDFs, making it rather difficult to compare. The FCA site, in turn, does a nice job of keeping everything in one place and making it easier for departments to select the right vehicle for their needs. 

Dodge vehicles are a distant second to the Ford Interceptor and Interceptor Utility in terms of sales, but they are still a popular option among departments across America. FCA recently got a large contract (over 500 cars) with the California Highway Patrol, and the agency plans to replace their aging vehicles with Charger Pursuits. 

An interesting thing to point out is the way that FCA is currently pricing the base Dodge Durango Special Service at $31,595, below the Dodge Charger Pursuit $31,645. Is it a play to compete against the Ford Interceptor Utility, or just an effect of cost and demand?