Shootout at Florida Stoplight Caught on Camera

Dashcam footage of two drivers shooting at each other led authorities right to one of the suspects.

If you thought that shootouts at high noon were a Wild West myth, then check out the dashcam video from a shootout at a stop light in Florida. According to WKRN, a shootout took place at a stoplight on the corner of Fairfield Drive and W Street in Escambia County, Florida. It happened around noon Jan. 22.

A driver pulled up in a silver Lexus, looks like an IS, and can be seen firing out of the open driver’s side window, across the middle lane, at a gold Toyota. This kicks off a firefight with the passenger in the Toyota, who hops out as the Lexus driver takes a right and drives off. The passenger gets up next to a pickup truck in the middle lane, runs behind it and then starts firing while chasing the Lexus as it drives off. After bucking a few rounds, the passenger hops back into the Toyota and then the car runs the red light.

The two suspects fired off between 10 and 12 rounds. Bad news for the culprits, as the dashcam footage led to officers apprehending 30-year-old Jeremy Olds in the gold Toyota after a brief chase on Tuesday. Escambia County Sheriffs are still on the look for the man in the silver car. He’s been identified as Jonathan James Harris, and the car has a Florida tag number of HVRG69.

At a news conference on Tuesday, the sheriff’s office revealed that there were two children, ages two and eight, in the Toyota during the shootout. To me, the craziest part of the story isn’t the shootout nor the kids being in the car. It’s the red pickup truck in the middle lane that doesn’t go anywhere while this whole thing is happening. Maybe the driver is ducking for cover, but I don’t know if I would have had the same reaction.