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Watch A Drone Crash Onto Apple Park Campus’ ‘No Drone Zone’

A drone pilot accidentally crashed his UAV onto the Apple Park Campus and drone videographer Matthew Roberts went in to locate it.

A recreational drone user crashed his unmanned aerial vehicle onto the Apple Park Campus over the weekend. While Apple recently designated its new place of business as a “No Drone Zone,” and irresponsible drone use is frowned upon there, the incident was reportedly an accident with seemingly little to no damage and no victims. Fortunately for us, we get to watch the episode play out from the UAV’s point of view, thanks to drone videographer Matthew Roberts – whom the pilot contacted for help in locating the DJI drone after the crash. 

According to the blogging site, Cult Of Mac, the fully operational new Apple Park Campus was clearly labeled as a “No Drone Zone” ahead of the company’s annual investors meeting last week. While the signage was likely erected exclusively for that particular event, the tech titan did hire an anti-drone security group last year in order to ground any trespassing UAVs from entering Apple Park Campus airspace. Of course, this hasn’t stopped pilots like Matthew Roberts from capturing exquisite aerial flyovers of the property, showcasing its construction progress and aesthetically interesting architecture and design.  

According to the blog, Mac Rumors, however, the reasons for last weekend’s crash are still fairly nebulous. The DJI drone, its final resting place being atop the solar panels adorning the main Apple Park building’s roof, suddenly dropped from the sky. “There were no signs of premature failure,” the owner explained. He reportedly reached out to Roberts, who analyzed a cached version of the camera-footage on DJI’s app in order to locate the UAV. While the owner has informed the presumably displeased tech company of its new aerial resident, he has yet to hear back. Roberts himself stated that “it remains to be seen” if Apple will kindly return the device or keep silent. 

Let’s take a look at the flight that ultimately concluded with a downed drone decorating the Apple Park Campus, shall we?

Whether or not Apple will return the drone remains to be seen. It’s definitely interesting to watch this play out and learn more about Apple’s no-drone policies. In addition, it could very well be that the UAV was downed intentionally, on behalf of anti-drone forces responsible for protecting the property from unwelcome aerial visitors. At this point, all we can do is wait for more information and enjoy the actual footage from this bizarre, unexpected incident.