Learn What Makes Chris Forsberg Drift

Dan Burkett chats with Formula Drift championship winning driver Chris Forsberg about what makes him drift.

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All while being a Pro1 Formula Drift driver, owner and founder of race shop RAD Industries, Dan Burkett somehow finds the time to put out steady YouTube content. He has put out consistent videos showing his offseason preparation for the next Formula Drift season as well as started a What Makes You Drift video series. For the most recent episode of What Makes You Drift, Burkett talks with multiple season Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg.

Forsberg himself is a very busy man. Like Burkett he also is a Pro1 Formula Drift driver and puts out his own YouTube content such as his vlog series Good Enough! with his friend, and race team mechanic Dylan Hughes. Before chatting with Forsberg, Burkett talks about how Forsberg was a big inspiration for him to get into drifting. The pair also does a mini walkaround of Forsbergs Datsun 280Z build which was built at Burkett's shop. 

Eventually, Burkett goes through his questions and Forsberg talks about why he drifts. He talks about his 18 years of drifting, the hardest parts of drifting, and the sacrifices along the way such as living arrangements. Early in his career, he was living in garages and race shops and even now he says he needs a roommate for the financial side of drifting to work out. Speaking of roommates, Forsberg's roommate and friend Dylan Hughes makes a cameo. Hughes was previously been featured on an earlier episode of What Makes You Drift.

To get all the details check out Dan Burkett's and RAD Industries' newest episode of What Makes You Drift featuring Chris Forsberg below. 

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