Chris Forsberg Grabs Win at Formula Drift Orlando

After having a less than great qualifying, Forsberg bests the competition during the second round of the Formula Drift season in Orlando.

The first round of the 2018 Formula Drift season at Long Beach saw many big names not make it to the Top 4, but that changed for Round 2 in Orlando with the Top 4 drivers having a combined five championships between three of the top four drivers. Three of those championships came from the winner of Formula Drift Orlando, Chris Forsberg.

Forsberg was able to obtain victory edging off 2017 Formula Drift champion James Deane. 

He did not start his day at the top. Of all of the top four drivers, Forsberg was the only one who did not qualify in the top 10, he qualified 12th. 

During Long Beach, Deane was forced to retire due to car issues, but in Orlando he was able to keep a Team Worthouse car on the podium and grabbed second. During the final battle with Forsberg, Deane hit the wall and was unable to drive his car to the podium area. Forsberg was a stand up guy and played Uber for Deane. 

Long Beach winner Fredric Aasbo locked down the last spot on the podium coming in third. Forsberg’s friend and driver Ryan Tureck held the last spot in the Top 4. 

Regarding the standings for the 2018 Formula Drift Championship, Aasbo is still currently in the lead earning a total of 71 points from the race weekend bringing his total to 175. Deane and Forsberg are sitting at second and third place overall only separated by one point, 156 and 155 respectively. Deane’s Team Worthouse teammate, Polish driver Piotr Wiecek who came in third at Long Beach, is currently sitting at fourth overall not too far behind in points with 123. 

Two rounds down in the 2018 Formula Drift season. Round 3 brings the competition to Road Atlanta at Atlanta, Georgia May 11-12.