BlackOut: A New Series From Formula Drift Drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck

As if Chris Forsberg wasn't busy enough already, he and Ryan Tuerck team up for a new YouTube series.

Formula Drift drivers are getting busier and busier. We have featured content from drivers such as Dan Burkett and Chelsea DeNofa for instance. Now, multiple time Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg, who already has an automotive vlog series called Good Enough!, has announced he is teaming up with fellow Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck for a new online series called BlackOut. (The name BlackOut comes from the sponsors helping Forsberg and Tuerck with the series, Black Magic and GumOut.)

Chris Forsberg announced the new series via Instagram.

The announcement did not give much of an idea of what the show will be about but they recently released a teaser on teamblackmagic‘s YouTube channel. From the teaser, it looks as though the series will be a behind the scenes view of what the duo does away from racing. Forsberg and Tuerck previously worked together on another YouTube series called Drift Garage on Network A. Tuerck promised fans on Instagram that the new show, BlackOut, would be “the next level drift garage with longer episodes, more builds, and more parts”. 

I reached out to Tuerck about the new series and he told me he was “Really excited to be working on a new show together with my homie Chris Forsberg, our friends at Race Service who are producing, and our partners Gumout and Black Magic. This show is the culmination of everything we have done in the past. So it will include building some super rad cars this year, garage antics of course, checking out the neighborhood around Race Service, our travels from Formula Drift, Gridlife, and internationally. It will be a 10 episode series with each being 10-20 minutes in length.”

He went on to tell me that when the show launches you will be able to find it on the Gumout YouTube channel and Facebook, as well as both Forsberg’s and Tuerck’s social media pages. 

Check out the BlackOut teaser below.