Take a Look At a Formula Drift Toyota Supra Race Engine

Continuing his off-season prep for the 2018 Formula Drift season, Dan Burkett breaks down his 2JZ Supra race engine.

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Dan Burkett is a Pro1 Formula Drift driver and owner of race shop RAD Industries. After the 2017 Formula Drift season ended he has been hard at work getting his Toyota Supra drift car ready for the upcoming season. Burkett has been consistently producing off-season content and this week focused on breaking down his pair of Supra race motors. 

Since the 2017 Formula Drift season ended Burkett has produced content for his Off Season Refresh series. So far he has shown his taken apart Samsonas sequential transmission, compression testing his Toyota 2JZ Supra engine, and a complete body teardown of his Supra drift car. Burkett's car is still in a teardown state due to waiting for some parts from sponsors. He explains some of the inner workings of owning a race team which works out in his benefit. Sponsors want new parts on your car to showcase that they can take the abuse of the race season, but that sometimes leaves your car incomplete waiting for parts to arrive. 

Burkett's race engine is a 3.4 BC Stroker 2JZ Twin-turbo inline 6 Toyota engine. In Episode 5 of Off Season Refresh, he takes you through his two engines and tells you which parts he will be installing on the race engine and why. One of the engines, for example, has an intake manifold which has bigger ports which he wants, while the other has a better location of the exhaust manifold. He also shows the used parts how they handed the abuse of the previous season.  

Check out Dan Burkett and RAD Industries' Episode 5 Off Season Refresh: Inside Look At The Race Motor below to get more of the details on his race engine and the teardown.

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