The New Supra Will Be Sold Under Toyota’s Gazoo Racing Brand

Toyota Supra GR? Gazoo Supra? Supra GRMN? The car’s final name is still a mystery.

byChris Tsui|
The New Supra Will Be Sold Under Toyota’s Gazoo Racing Brand

According to a report from Autocar, the upcoming Toyota Supra remake will be sold under the Japanese automaker's recently-launched performance sub-brand Gazoo Racing, or GR for short. 

When GR boss Koei Saga spoke to the British auto publication earlier this year, he added that a hybrid-driven halo model was his "dream," which definitely explains the funky, targa-top-having GR HV unveiled earlier this month. While nothing is concrete as of yet, a future, hybrid super-Supra flagship sports car is beginning to sound like a real possibility. 

While the Gazoo Supra's exact name is still subject to speculation, company insiders reportedly told Autocar that a 2018 reveal is expected, followed by a 2019 street date. Latest reports say that the new Toyota Supra GR will be powered by a 400-plus horsepower, turbo V6 and thankfully, be available with an old-school manual. A more economical four-cylinder mill is also reportedly on the menu.

Co-developed with BMW, Toyota's—er, Gazoo's—upcoming sports coupe will be a mechanical sibling to the new Z4. As a fan of the Z4 Concept's Bavarian F-Type appearance, I have high hopes for the imminent Japanese rendition. 

Gazoo Racing's premiere production model will be the 205 hp Yaris GRMN hot hatch. Apparently limited to just 400 units, Gazoo's fast Yaris is strictly a Europe-only affair.