According to Reports, the Upcoming Toyota Supra Will Have a Manual Transmission

Now everyone can take a deep breath.


Relax everyone, apparently the upcoming Toyota Supra will have a manual transmission after all. Although a lot of specification information did not feature a manual transmission, the BMW Z4 (co-developed with Toyota) does indicate a manual option. In addition, a member of forum spoke with a Toyota official and they confirmed the rumored manual transmission. 

However, said Toyota official also informed forum members that the upcoming Supra will not have a BMW inline-6, rather a turbocharged V6, possibly 3.5-liters. This was a rumor floating around for awhile and although it intrigued many, it has been proven incorrect. The co-developed engine will reportedly push over 400 horsepower, plenty of ponies to get the small coupe going. Obviously, no real performance stats or even final design renderings have been released, but it is possible we will see the Supra's debut at the Tokyo Motor Show this year. 

There is also a possibility of a hybrid powertrain but that seems a little less likely as no true clues have led us to believe this.