Watch the Final Round of Formula Drift at the House of Drift Through the Eyes of RAD Dan Burkett

See the swan song of Formula Drift Irwindale through the eyes of drifter Dan Burkett.

Watch the Final Round of Formula Drift at the House of Drift Through the Eyes of RAD Dan Burkett

A few weeks ago we covered RAD Dan Burkett and his company and race team RAD Industries. This week he released a video showing the final round of Formula Drift 2018 which also happened to be the final round of drifting ever at Irwindale, the House of Drift.

2017 was a big year for Burkett. It was his rookie year in the Formula Drift Pro Championship and sadly the year that the House of Drift, Irwindale, was closing its doors. 

The RAD Industries video begins days before the Formula Drift event and it provides a great view of what it takes for a privateer team to compete. RAD Industries team is so small that the group is able to carpool in one vehicle to the track. 

You get to see what Burkett sees when he goes through prepping his Toyota Supra drift car and putting the car through a beating in practice. Drifting does damage cars as Chris Forsberg sent his car into the wall needing quick repair. As we mentioned previously about RAD Industries, it is one of the most respected shops in Formula Drift and Forsberg's car was over at their shop getting fixed to be able to go back to drifting the next day.

After practice and qualifying, Burkett had to attend an autograph session and learned he qualified in 15th position. For his first battle, he was up against HGK Racing's Kristaps Blušs and his drift monster—the E92 Eurofighter. HGK Racing is based in Riga, Lativa but when they are stateside they like to call RAD Industries their home. 

During the Burkett-Blušs battle, they appeared to be magnets to each other. First lead battle Blušs almost crashed into Burkett at the end of the lap and during the second battle, Burkett made contact with Blušs ripping his front bumper off of his Supra and bailed the rest of the run. 

Check out RAD Industries video below for more of the details.