HGK’s E92 Eurofighter Unexpectedly Races at Formula Drift Irwindale

The drift car which was meant for weekend show car duty ended up being HGK’s secret weapon.

PUBLISHED Oct 14, 2017 12:57 PM
HGK’s E92 Eurofighter Unexpectedly Races at Formula Drift Irwindale

HGK Racing and their driver Kristaps Blušs are well respected in the drifting world. HGK is based out of Riga, Latvia and produce some of the best drift cars in the world. Currently Blušs drives a E46 BMW drift car in the Formula Drift series, but for the past year HGK and Blušs have teased the world with the E46's replacement - the E92 Eurofighter. 

ROBYWORKS put out a recent video showcasing all the specs for the E92 Eurofighter which was scheduled to be shown at Formula Drift's last race of the season at Irwindale. The E92 Eurofighter is covered in a noticeable carbon kevlar body. For performance, the car is powered by a MAST Motorsports 7.0-liter V8 putting out 900-horsepower mated to a Samsonas Sequential Gearbox. The car is equipped with Nitron racing shocks, Wilwood brakes, and Wisefab front and rear suspension to provide the drift angles it needs to get the job done.

With Blušs currently in fourth place, only two points behind the third place racer Aurimas Bakchis and his 240SX, the season was on route to end at a high point. Everything was going good and HGK, Blušs, and their E46 drift machine were at Irwindale for Thursday practice sessions, but on Friday HGK informed everyone via social media that their season was over due to "many bad coincidences". 

HGK and Blušs's season looked like it was coming to an end, that was until people were snapping pictures of HGK's E92 Eurofighter going through Formula Drift tech inspection. I guess you could call it a secret weapon, a 900-horsepower weapon. 

The E92 Eurofighter was basically supposed to be on showcar duty all weekend, but with HGK Racing Team and Blušs's determination to compete at the last Formula Drift race at Irwindale before it closes they are surely making an impact on the sport. Check out Donut Media's video below to see just the impact they are making with the car.