How HGK Motorsport Built a Pro Drift BMW M3 for an 11-Year-Old Boy

Because every pre-teen deserves his own BMW M3 drifter, right?

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Formula Drift and EEDC fans are familiar with HGK Motorsport, the garage responsible for some of the most insane purpose-built BMW drift cars on the planet, including Kristaps Blušs Formula Drift E46. Now, HGK's latest project is 11-year-old Latvian Nikolass Bertans' BMW E36 M3 pro drift car.

Nikolass Bertans' M3 engine bay

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Gone is the S50 motor for the stock M3. It's been subbed for a 6.2 liter LS3, which has become the customary swap in the pro drifting community. Other pro drifting mods include Wisefab front and rear angle kit, Feal coilovers, Wilwood brakes, rear mounted radiator setup, Samsonas sequential gearbox, Winters differential, and more.

Body-wise, the M3 appears to have a Formula Drift spec roll cage and a fully prepped chassis with its bright orange crash bars just peeking from underneath a stunning carbon kevlar body.

Finally, extra modifications were necessary to get Nikolass to properly fit and operate the M3. An adjustable pedal box and steering wheel can be pulled closer in order to reach Nik's small frame. 

It's almost wrong to call Nik's pro drift car a BMW M3, considering how little of the original car is left. Unfortunately, there's more work to be done, so we won't see how this preteen throws his BMW sideways just yet. Trust me, I'm pretty disappointed too.

Nikolass Bertans' BMW M3 pedal box

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Watch Episode 1 of 'The 11 Year Olds First Pro Drift Car' on the Robyworks YouTube channel.

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