Watch 12-Year-Old Nikolass Bertains Show Chris Forsberg the Ropes in a BMW E36 Drift Car

A pre-teen Drifter and Chris Forsberg prep for the HGK Drift Challenge in the video short ‘Forbidden to Drift.’

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Today, YouTube channel and media creator robyworks released the video feature Forbidden to Drift. The video features Formula Drift drivers Kristaps Blušs and Chris Forsberg, and 12-year-old drifter Nikolass Bertans (aka NIK NAK) with a cameo appearance by Japanese professional drifter Daigo Saito.

robyworks has consistently worked with Blušs and his HGK Racing team. Around a year ago it released the video feature Latvian Rocket which follows Blušs and the HGK Racing team at the end of the Formula Drift season. The Drive has also featured a few of robyworks' other features with Blušs and the HGK Racing. 

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The video starts with Bertans and Forsberg sneaking into an industrial park and port area with permission from Blušs who plays a security guard, which goes back to a previous robyworks feature Badass Latvian where Blušs is a security guard at a port and sneaks into a cargo container to "borrow" the HGK Racing BMW E46 Formula Drift car. In this video it is Bertans and Forsberg who do the driving, starting with Bertans. The 12-year-old has some skills. Bertans tells Forsberg it is his turn to drive, but not before telling Forsberg he could be like the fisherman on the dock, who happens to be Japanese professional drifter Daigo Saito.

Eventually Forsberg takes the reins of the E36 and shows off his own skills. After thrashing the car through the port Forsberg gets some tips from Bertans and the pair head off to participate in the HGK Drift Challenge which is HGK's yearly invitational drift event held in their native Latvia. 

Check out robyworks' Forbidden to Drift video featuring Chris Forsberg and Nikolass Bertans (NIK NAK) below. 

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