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Kristaps Blušs Brings Full Carbon Fiber E92 Eurofighter to Play in Hoonigan’s Lot

For the first episode of Hoonigan's new show Build Breakdown, Kristaps Blušs stops by with his 1000 hp E92 Eurofighter Formula Drift car.

Hoonigan recently “rebooted” its Daily Transmission YouTube series into a few new daily shows. Every Monday is a new series called Build Breakdown, which is much like many Daily Transmission episodes you are used to seeing like getting the details of a car and then seeing it thrashed in the parking lot. Formula Drift driver Kristaps Blušs brought his 1000-horsepower full carbon fiber E92 Eurofighter 2018 Formula Drift car to Hoonigan’s Donut Garage to be featured on the first episode of Build Breakdown

The Drive has featured Blušs and his HGK Racing Team in the past. We featured the drama that he had to deal with during the last round of the 2017 Formula Drift season when he had an engine failure in his BMW E46 drift car, which forced him to call up his BMW E92 drift car, E92 Eurofighter, from show-car duty to race duty.

Being that the first round of the 2018 Formula Drift season was in Long Beach where Hoonigan is located, Formula Drift drivers have stopped by to show off their drift cars and to have fun in Hoonigan’s Donut Garage lot. Blušs was a little different because he came to thrash his drift car before the Long Beach event. If something were to go wrong, he’d be beyond the point of having enough time to fix it in order to be race ready for the drift event. 

Check out Hoonigan’s first episode of Build Breakdown featuring Kristaps Blušs and his full carbon fiber E92 Eurofighter below.