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This Enormous 300-Car Barn Find Has Everything From Classic Muscle to Rare Supercars

There's even a Ford Pinto!

Recently, the pro detailing squad at AMMO NYC was called in to help clean up and prepare a large collection for sale. This mind-blowing but very dusty 300-car private tour of just one of the collection’s three buildings shows that the car cleaning pros definitely have their work cut out for them. Believe us, it’s worth watching the whole video. 

This huge collection has devolved into a quasi-barn find state, although to be fair, it wasn’t really abandoned like a true barn find. Its owner just kept the collection secret for many years, storing hundreds of cars away without driving them very much. 

Tour guide Holly notes that just about everything is for sale, most of which come with low miles. Some, especially those that were tucked underneath other lifted cars, were kept under a cover, but others are coated in a thick layer of dust. 

Screencap via AMMO NYC on YouTube

Cars are stacked on top of each other on lifts and multiple cars deep in the facility, so this fascinating walk-through is a bit like watching the automotive equivalent of Hoarders. There are numerous parts around the cars as well, including racks of engines. 

Yet you’ll find just about everything in here. A bone-stock 1974 Hurst Oldsmobile sits next to a Matra Djet V. The owner apparently had a “Rolls-Royce phase.” A Bimota that was ridden only once before getting packed away. The requisite ’55 Chevrolet restomod. A modified widebody Mercedes complete with wild ‘80s-appropriate side strakes. A prop-car believed to be from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Ex-SEMA show cars. Race cars—some raced by the collection’s owner. A shortened two-door Cadillac Seville. A Packard flower car that would have been used in funeral processions.

The barn find in the barn find., Screencap via AMMO NYC on YouTube

There’s even a barn-find Plymouth Superbird on one of the racks, and if that isn’t meta, I don’t know what is. 

Of course, there’s more ultra-rare supercars like the one-of-six, $1 million Bizarrini P538 race car that AMMO already showed off on its channel. The Lamborghini LM002, for example, may have been owned by Nicolas Cage—although they still need to prove that for sure. 

Some of the most fascinating cars in a collection like this aren’t the hyper-rare cars you expect, though. They’re the regular cars that sneak in among the Lamborghini Countaches and zillions of rare Chevy Corvettes. Early in the video, there’s a Ford Pinto that’s tucked in close to a wall. It’s hard not to wonder about the stories behind those cars. 

Screencap via AMMO NYC on YouTube

“I can’t keep all of it in my head,” Holly said of the racks upon racks of cars. There are simply too many stories waiting to be uncovered for the first time in decades.

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