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This License Plate Made with a Pizza Box and Magic Markers Doesn’t Fool Police

Seems like a cheesy way to get your own customized plates.

Police in Massachusetts warned drivers on Sunday not to make their own “fake” license plates and slap them on their cars.

The Hopkinton Police Department posted a photo on Facebook of a green Buick Century with what they say are license plates one person made using cardboard from a pizza box and magic markers.

The “creative operator” of the Buick was hit with several charges according to the post, including operating an uninsured and unregistered vehicle and (obviously) for attaching fake plates.

Commenters on Facebook had a wide range of reactions to the advice shared by Hopkinton police.

“OMG what a dumdum…..and these people walk amongst us?! If someone truly thinks they can get away with this, what else will they do?!”

“Come on?! That looks legit. Hahahahahah”

Others seemed to back the pizza box plates, at least a little bit.

“It is legal to make a homemade plate, if you have ordered a replacement from the Registry. They give you a permission slip until the real plate comes. Of course you have to be legal… I did it this week as I need an inspection sticker.”

“If you get your plates stolen, this is literally what the DMV tells you to do while you wait for new ones…”

The name of the driver was not released.