Scalper Is Selling a Mercedes-AMG Project One Reservation for $5.22 Million

A Project One build slot has been spotted on sale for more than double the hypercar’s MSRP.

byChris Tsui|
For Sale photo

Considering the level of anticipation that surrounded the unveiling of Mercedes-AMG's Project One hypercar, we'd be lying if we said we didn't see this coming.

Spotted on German marketplace Mobile is an AMG Project One for sale. Considering all 275 copies of AMG's F1-car-for-the-street are said to be spoken for, what we have here is likely an opportunistic—I mean, enterprising—would-be Project One owner looking to make a quick profit off of their proverbial spot in line. The scalper in question is asking for €4.51 million ($5.22 million) for the chance to own Merc's 1,000-horsepower hypercar. That's more than double its original sticker price of $2.4 million.

The financial flipping of fast and desirable cars has become all too common, with everything from limited-run Porsches to hotted-up Civics all falling victim to the greed, ahem, "market adjustment" that ensues when demand outstrips supply. Back in July, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer vowed to ban anyone caught reselling the Valkyrie (Aston's answer to the Project One, essentially) from ever getting their hands on any special AMs in the future. Porsche's GT department is also moving forward with a similar crackdown. 

Considering the Project One for sale here lists a specific dealership near Munich, DI Automobile, and the car's already-short client list of 275, we wouldn't be surprised if Mercedes' customer relations team is already making some revisions to said list as we speak. 

Using a plug-in hybrid, 1.6-liter V6 powertrain straight out of the company's hugely dominant F1 program, the Mercedes-AMG Project One will bring Lewis Hamilton-cosplay on your daily commute to entirely new levels.