Aston Martin Will Ban Valkyrie Reservation Scalpers From Future Special Cars

Aston Martin, like Porsche, does not care for owners who want to flip their cars for profit.

byChris Tsui|
Aston Martin Will Ban Valkyrie Reservation Scalpers From Future Special Cars


Following in the footsteps of the makers of fast cars from Stuttgart, Aston Martin is also having to crack down on people treating their cars like financial instruments. 

When presented with a PistonHeads classified posting for a build slot for the upcoming Valkyrie hypercar on Twitter, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer was less than pleased. Palmer first expressed doubt as to whether the seller, one "Knight International" located in Dubai, even has a spot in line. In the event that these guys do indeed have a Valkyrie reserved, the Aston boss vowed to have their order promptly flushed down the proverbial toilet. Considering only 150 cars are available, we don't imagine it'll be very hard for Palmer's team to identify exactly who's flipping Valkyries. 

On top of not getting their Valkyrie, Palmer makes sure to add that anyone caught speculating on Astons will be banned from any and all special AMs from here on out. 

The Aston Martin Valkyrie will reportedly be a $3.2 million, 1,130-horsepower, V12 hybrid F1 car for the street. Boasting engineering from Red Bull Racing and a KERS-style hybrid system courtesy of Rimac (the makers of the car that Richard Hammond was recently almost killed in), it's kinda no surprise that it would be the subject of marketplace misbehavior. 

Since Aston is tailor-making the driver's seats for this car based on 3D scans of the customer's bodies, let's hope this scalper and whoever falls for his ploy at least share the same physique.