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A Scalper Is Selling an Aston Martin Valkyrie Build Slot for an Undisclosed Price

The listed figure of $3.54 million is merely a "guide price."

Despite Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer’s intention to ban any and all scalpers caught flipping the upcoming Valkyrie hypercar for a profit, a U.K. supercar dealer has been spotted doing just that. 

Discovered on the German marketplace Mobile is an Aston Martin Valkyrie build slot on sale with a list price of 3 million euros or $3.54 million at today’s exchange rates. Scrolling down towards the listing’s description, however, reveals that the 3 mill sticker is merely a “guide price,” a placeholder for the real price that’ll be revealed “upon application.” Considering the Valkyrie is said to cost $3.2 million from the factory, this makes sense. $240,000 sounded like way too little profit for the typical hypercar scalper. 


For sale by a dealer known as Knight International based in London, the Valkyrie in question will apparently deliver sometime in 2019. From the description, “interest (and value) of this car is expected to sharply increase significantly, shortly before delivery. Ownership of a build slot is a rare opportunity to capitalize on this investment opportunity and reserve ownership of a thoroughbred, next-generation hypercar.”

Look, I enjoy making an extra buck as much as the next guy, but reading that just made me gag.