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New Photos of Aston Martin Valkyrie’s F1-Inspired Cabin Will Make You Drool

The $3.3-million car was developed with Red Bull Racing F1 team and will feature a 'feet up,' F1-style driving position.

Aston Martin recently dipped its toes into hypercar waters with the introduction of its all-new Valkyrie, and much like a new father, the British automaker is proudly sharing more images of its lovely baby on Instagram.

Built in conjunction with the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, Aston Martin’s goal was to create a streamlined hypercar that focused primarily on top-end speed. Thanks to the partnership, Aston stepped away from its comfort zone of leather-wrapped surfaces and comfortable seats and was able to give a significant amount of race-inspired life into the $3.3 million Valkyrie. High wheel arches and bulbous fenders scream to be recognized as notorious Aston characteristics, being present on classic coach-built cars like the DB4 GT, while still being a nod to modern DTM-style cars.

via Aston Martin (Instagram)

These new photos showcase the cabin of the Valkyrie, which is visually the most F1-inspired feature of the car. Embellished by styled carbon fiber, the interior has certain je ne sais quoi to it which not only showcases a display of wealth, but also acknowledges that the Valkyrie is sporty, lightweight, and an all-out race car. Aston also says that it will help to personalize the interior by 3D scanning buyer’s bodies to help build a custom fitted driver’s seat and secure the driver with a race harness instead of a traditional 3-point seatbelt.

The Valkyrie, much like the upcoming McLaren Speedtail, will make use of a teardrop-style cabin which helps to provide the necessary aerodynamics to reach its 250 miles-per-hour top speed. Nestled behind the driver lives a 6.5-liter V12 that packs a walloping 1,100 horsepower produced without the use of forced induction. Aston promises to deliver the most powerful 12-cylinder engine used in any modern, road-going car that has been put into production.

via Aston Martin (Instagram)

“Taking inspiration from today’s F1 race cars, Aston Martin Valkyrie features a reclined ‘feet up’ position, ensuring the driver feels at one with the car for the ultimate drive experience,” wrote Aston in its Instagram post, indicating that the driver’s seated position will feel very much like an F1 car rather than how one might sit in a traditional vehicle.

Placed in the center of the steering wheel is a race-inspired display which shows the gauge cluster and most important vehicle status information. Coupled with the shape of the wheel and the numerous controls surrounding the display, the look of an F1 car was clearly desired by the automaker. An additional two displays which face the driver are plastered across the right side of the dashboard. There’s also something to the left of the driver near the A-pillar, but the photo doesn’t quite make out what the object’s function is.

via Aston Martin (Instagram)

Aston says that the Valkyrie will officially debut sometime in 2019, meaning that the car is closer than ever to making an appearance in full capacity. Until then, Aston can just tease the masses as it builds up its repertoire as a hypercar maker.