BMW Says It’s Ready to Battle the Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypercar

The official manufacturer of Formula E contemplates a streetable electric racer.

AMG might want to watch iys back because BMW M might be coming after its Project One hypercar’s lunch.

According to a report by Autocar, BMW is apparently ready throw their hat into the hybrid hypercar ring with an electrified racecar-for-the-street of their own. “We would like to do a standalone car and we could do it―but today there is no requirement from the market to do it,” said BMW M VP Dirk Hacker. “As a company, we are more focused on future mobility than digitisation than building a hypercar, to be honest, but if we came to the decision to do a super sportscar, then we could do that.”

Considering BMW’s status as the official manufacturer of Formula E, an electrified super-Bimmer with a little more gusto than the 357-horsepower i8 seems appropriate, if not inevitable. 

Hacker went on say that if such a car were to happen, it would be quite a while before we saw it in production-spec. 

“Formula E could be interesting for us. M cars have roots in racing. It will be an interesting challenge as more OEMs get involved and there could certainly be the opportunity for some input from our engineering department in the series,” Hacker told Autocar.