Drone-Mixology: Meet Your Aerial Bartender

This developer of 'high-impact experiences' mixed drinks with drones. Literally.

While we’ve reported on the intersection between drones and beverages quite a few times now, from coffees in Dubai to drinks in Estonia, we’ve never heard of UAVs actually assisting with the creation of said beverage until now.

According to Per La Mente, Michael Cirino’s company A Razor/A Shiny Knife has been in the business of producing unusual food and drink-related events for a while now, which the website calls “high-impact experiences.” His latest endeavor, however, is one that seems simultaneously ludicrous and yet oddly inspired. Basically, Cirino is using a drone to make cocktails. Confused? Let’s make it even clearer with Per La Mente’s promo video.

Cirino says that “Drones have been exciting for a while, but not many people get to touch them. This project was something that started out as a novel joke a couple years ago: How do we take drones and incorporate them into an event, and experience, or everyday life in a different way than just delivering packages or making a video?”

It’s a fair point, especially for someone whose business it is to think of these things. The drone news we cover regularly can be fairly divided into a few, major sections, most commonly search and rescue, agriculture or inspection, and to create fun or cinematic footage. Cirino seems to be aware that there’s a void in there, that there must be something more visceral or creative that drones can afford us. For good or ill, his answer is using drones to make cocktails. 

What do you think? Is this just another gimmick, exploiting the recreational drone industry to further Cirino’s business? Or is this the kind of viral drone-related stunt that could get newcomers more accustomed to drones in everyday life? Personally, I think it’s a bit of both, but regardless, it’s definitely something different.