KFC’s New Chicken Wings Come With Drone Parts

KFC India is packaging drone parts with its new chicken wings for a limited run. Eat, collect, assemble, and fly a KFC drone.

byMarco Margaritoff|
KFC’s New Chicken Wings Come With Drone Parts

KFC India announced today that its new "Smoky Grilled Wings" will be sold in a box containing drone parts. “There are two different kinds of wings in the world. The ones you fly with, and the ones you relish,” a KFC India announcement tells us

The idea is simple: Once you’ve finished your meal, you simply detach the drone parts from the packaging and save them until you’ve collected the entire set. According to The Verge, customers can eventually look at the assembly instructions online and end up with a Bluetooth-enabled KFC drone capable of being piloted by your smartphone. 

In a world where drones are becoming an ever-increasing presence in our day-to-day lives and consumers are relishing their affordability and, well, the fun they provide, KFC's new marketing stunt is brilliant. Surely, thousands of kids will be begging their parents to go back to KFC for another order of wings, hoping to get those remaining drone parts so they can finally pilot their self-assembled unmanned aerial vehicle into the heavens. 

"The most fly meal ever," the slogan says on the box. While this limited-edition run of drone-part containing chicken wings is certainly aimed at ages higher than those content with Happy Meal toys, it does remind me of building Revell fighter planes together with my father. There's a DIY aspect to this that will require some patience, but thereby provide an even more satisfying reward - when you're done, you can actually fly this thing.

Let's take a look at KFC India's promotional video for this drone-part containing order of chicken, shall we?

According to The Verge, the fast food giant is calling this box of wings the "KFO." You guessed it, the Kentucky Flying Object. While we've reported on the intersection of food/beverages and drones before, this is certainly far more interesting than aerial mixology, and maybe on par with getting your drink delivered via drone while lounging on a beach. Most importantly, this will actually teach some young people what it's like to assemble something from the ground up. Of course, they might just eat their wings and toss the box into the trash. We'll see.

Unfortunately for every single one of us who doesn't live in India, we may never get to fly a drone produced by KFC. I never thought that this would be a regret of mine, but here we are. For those of you who do live in the area, however, this limited edition marketing stunt will only take place from Jan. 25 through Jan. 26. Feel free to eat chicken wings on those days, and share your experiences with assembled KFC-drones with us in the comments below.