Take a Look at What It Is Like to Have A Car Featured at SEMA

RAD Dan Burkett and RAD Industries bring their Formula Drift Toyota Supra to be showcased at SEMA.

Take a Look at What It Is Like to Have A Car Featured at SEMA

RAD Dan Burkett Formula Drift Pro1 driver and owner of RAD Industries headed to SEMA to showcase his Formula Drift Toyota Supra drift car on the show floor. You get to see what it it is like to not only get the car to Las Vegas, Nevada, but a behind the scenes look at how a car gets to the SEMA show floor.

We covered Burkett's Formula Drift Toyota Supra late last month. The Supra is powered by a 3.4 BC Stroker 2JZ Twin-turbo inline six engine good for 900 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque. Burkett just finished his first full year of drifting at the Pro1 level in the car. 

In the video, you are shown how he gets the Supra to the show floor. He is a professional drifter and is just as excited as any of us when he gets to drive his car, the Supra, on the show floor of SEMA to the Torco booth. Burkett then roams the show floor with his wife, Renee Burkett checking out a few of the cars and then he hits up one of his sponsor's tents to sign autographs with his fellow Formula Drift drivers. From Burkett's view, it appears that trucks are taking over SEMA. 

He also goes and finds Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg's SEMA wagon build which was being built for SEMA at RAD Industries and was featured on Donut Media's YouTube channel through multiple episodes.

Burkett's sponsor Torco Racing Oil gives a nice story into Burkett's humble beginnings in drifting and attempting to gain sponsors. Eventually, the video ends the way it started, Burkett drives his Supra on the SEMA floor to exit, but first, he has to warm up his engine. I'm jealous of him blipping a race car's throttle inside a building and driving it on the Vegas streets for a short period of time.

Check out Dan Burkett and RAD Industries video below.