Watch What It Takes to Fix a Broken Formula Drift Car Before the Next Event

Enjuku Racing fixes Kevin Lawrence's R32 Nissan Skyline after damage from Formula Drift Round 1 at Long Beach.

Formula Drift is one of the most entertaining forms of motorsport. When drivers pilot their drift cars shredding tires sideways just feet away from each other, damage is bound to happen. Enjuku Racing recently put out a video showing its team going to war with driver Kevin Lawrence’s Nissan R32 to get it race ready for its next round. 

Lawrence races for the Enjuku Racing Team and is currently a rookie in the Pro1 class. In 2017 he was the Pro2 Formula Drift champion. For the 2018 season, Lawrence is driving both in Pro1 and Pro2 classes. In Pro1, Lawrence drives his Nissan S14 drift car, but in Pro2 he drives an R32 Nissan Skyline.

Lawrence’s Nissan S14 drift car had engine issues before he had to leave to make the first round at Long Beach. Forcing him to call up Enjuku Racing’s R32 demo car to the big leagues.

After getting the car within Formula Drift Pro1 competition spec, that R32 Nissan Skyline suffered some damage at the first round of the Pro1 Formula Drift season at Long Beach. Lawrence’s Skyline suffered front and rear damage during a practice lap. The Enjuku Racing Team replaced damaged suspension components, aligned the car, and bandaged it up with zip ties; after the event the real work began.

In the video, we get to see the crew from Enjuku Racing bang the car with hammers, cut body panels off, measure, cut, and cut some more. With the exception of Lawrence describing how the damage occurred, the video shows all of the work being done without any dialogue. 

Check out Enjuku Racing’s “How To Turn a Broken Nissan Skyline Into a Formula Drift Car in Only 7 Days” video below.