Watch This Formula Drift Toyota Supra Slay an Urban City Lot

Drifting ace Dan Burkett abuses his competition car in OKC for the sake of your entertainment.

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This weekend is Round 7 of the 2018 Formula Drift season, and pro driver Dan Burkett is on his way to Texas Motor Speedway, but not before stopping by a sponsor's shop and shredding some rubber in his rad Toyota Supra.

Burkett is the mastermind behind RAD Industries, which The Drive has covered extensively. He maintains his own YouTube channel where occasional vlogs and build videos are uploaded, showing what it's like to be a Formula Drift team owner and driver. 

Burkett has been consistently putting out content all season before, during, and after each Formula Drift round. In RAD Industries' most recent vid, Burkett and his wife Renee hop on a plane to Texas for Saturday's competition. For most of the events this season, the duo has been trucking their race trailer across the country, but for this round, they stored the trailer close to TMS and flew back to RAD Industries' home in Santa Ana, California.

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For the lifestyle segment of Burkett's video, the first seven minutes or so detail his trip to Texas and the mundane incidents that happen to everyone including professional drivers—canceled flights. Eventually, he gets on the plane and the action really begins when he takes his tire-shredding 'Yota to slide around at sponsor DeatschWerks' parking lot.

The Drive chatted with Burkett about his fun at the concrete playground as well as his tenure thus far as an FD driver. "Drifting gives me a free feeling like nothing else in life. You can express your driving style as well as the car," Burkett explained. "I'm living out my dreams."

Burkett lays his competition car on the line for your entertainment. For all the fun, check out RAD Industries' full video below.

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