This Ridox Toyota Supra Is ’90s JDM At Its Best

It looks fast and goes even faster—the MKIV Supra ticks every tuner car box.

byDanny Choy|
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What tuner car enthusiasts want is simple: a sexy sports car that looks fast and goes even faster. We want something affordable, cheap, and easy to maintain. Bonus points if it also has a lot of aftermarket support and can take a ridiculous amount of power without exploding. But there can't be a car that ticks every box, right? 

Well, yes. Enter the Toyota Supra MKIV. From its long hood to its outrageous skyscraper wing, there couldn't be a more iconic shape that came from Japan in the 1990s. In fact, we picked the instantly recognizable silhouette for the logo of our TunedAF channel.

But it's also what enthusiasts do to the Supra that make it so special. Enter proud Supra owner Ashraff Kamal of Malaysia, who showed off his gorgeous Ridox wide body MKIV in a video by Tenuk Film.

Check it out below:

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Hardcore Supra fans will know Ridox, a Japanese aero brand founded by legendary pro drifter and SuperGT driver Manabu 'Max' Orido that specializes in the MKIV Supra. Orido's personal Supra is considered one of the holy grails in Supra tuning, combining both style and performance to make it one of the best versions we've ever seen. Kamal agrees, which is probably why his own Supra mimics Orido's so closely.

Other aero accessories on Kamal's Supra include Ganador aero mirrors, Top Secret carbon fiber GT wing and rear diffuser, and vented carbon hood by Seibon. Finally, the Supra is finished off with a wide set of SSR Professors wrapped in what we can only assume from all the stickers are Yokohama Advan tires.

Ashraff Kamal Ridox MKIV Supra

, MKIV Supra Turbocharged 2JZ, Tenuk Film

Take a peek under the hood and you'll find the standard recipe—a giant turbo feeding a built 2JZ-GTE. During the '90s, Toyota dropped the dependable 2JZ power unit in everything from the Supra to the Lexus IS300, SC300, and GS300. And it's a powerplant that comfortably takes monster power too; check out this 1700 horsepower 2JZ-GTE MKIV Supra.

If Kamal's MKIV Supra is making you want one of your own, then you better start saving now. Supra Turbos are going for $45,000.

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