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Watch These 2JZ Supras Run 200+ MPH 1/2 Mile Passes

No better way to pass an entire day than watching 2JZ Supras run F1 speeds on the straight.

There’s no doubt Japan’s king of drag racing is currently the R35 Nissan GT-R. Last month, the Alpha Logic GT-R driven by Mohammed Al Baker crossed half a mile at 248 mph on an airstrip in Qatar. During the same week halfway around the world, the AMS Performance GT-R set a record-breaking 6.937 second quarter mile at TX2K17. But before we saw the GT-R set new records left and right, there was another monster that dominated the tuner drag scene for over two decades – 2JZ, no shit!

YouTube channel 1320video headed to Puerto Rico last week to check out the fastest Supra in the half-mile on the planet. Armed with a 3.0 liter 2JZ with an 86mm turbo, the Momentum Auto Works MKIV Supra previously set 214 mph in a 1/2 mile. At the Puerto Rico Half Mile Event, the team wanted to see if their Supra could improve with a 218 mph or even 220 mph.

Unfortunately, the turbo blew at the end of its first pass. And while that would spell the end of the day for most teams, Momentum came prepared with a second Supra featuring similar specs to continue the event while the turbo on the first car could get fixed.

Momentum Auto Works ran passes all day and despite a 205 mph in the black car and a 204 mph in the white, they just couldn’t nail a run they were happy with. We lost count on the number of passes the cars have done and while there were issues with the turbo, the nitrous system, and the gearbox, the motor itself was fine after taking a beating all day. It’s a testament to how well-built these 2JZ engines really are.

Check out the 1/2 mile runs from Momentum Auto Works MKIV Supras in the video below. As a bonus, be sure to peep 1320video’s footage of the 185 mph 1986 MKIII Supra. And just like the 2JZs from Momentum Auto Works, this 30-year-old MKIII also ran countless passes on the 1/2 mile strip without skipping a beat.