Watch The AMS Alpha G Nissan GT-R Set The World’s First AWD 6-Second Quarter Mile At TX2K17

Watch the AMS Performance’s 2,500-HP Nissan GT-R become the world’s quickest AWD in a quarter mile.

byDanny Choy|
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When the R35 Nissan GT-R first arrived in 2007, Nissan reps told journalists that its highly-sophisticated ECU was "untuneable." Fast forward 10 years, the R35 has since been hacked by several tuning houses and AMS Performance has made its name for savagely quick drag-tuned GT-Rs since 2010. And during this year's TX2K17, the Chicago-based performance shop managed to achieve a world's first: a 6.937 quarter mile at 196.27 mph.

The world's first 6-second pass by an all-wheel-drive car almost didn't happen – after one of the runs on Tuesday, the AMS Alpha G suffered an engine fire, which gave the team no choice but to expedite a full motor swap and pass tech in just two days.

In fact, YouTube channel 1320video claimed AMS ended up on their third motor before they finally achieved their goal. The team's fighting spirit paid off – AMS performance shared the news on Facebook, with a caption that simply read, "6."

Be sure to watch AMS driver Gidi take the Alpha G to a 6.93 second quarter-mile and the immense adrenaline and relief from the team at AMS when they knew they finally did it:

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