Watch a 2,500-HP Nissan GT-R Drag Car Hit 248 MPH in a Half Mile

Did this car just set a new record?

byAaron Brown|
Nissan News photo


It's hard to fathom just how fast 248 miles per hour actually is, but trust us, it's pretty up there. Especially for a car that, for the most part, still resembles the street car it was when it rolled off its assembly line, like the highly modified Nissan GT-R drag car shown in the YouTube clips below. 

Mohammed Al-Baker was able to reach a speed of 248.32 MPH on a half-mile airstrip course in Qatar Saturday, potentially setting a new world record for half-mile speed runs for cars in the driver's class. According to YouTube channel UndergroundRacing, a twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Huracan previously held a record half-mile time of 247.25 MPH, though it appears that car was less drag-dedicated than the GT-R we see here.

According to a Reddit commenter who claims to know the owner of the drag car, the car puts out around 2,500 horsepower.

Whether it officially set a record or not remains to be seen, but man is this thing fast. 

Check it out in the videos below. 

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