Ford GT With 2,500 HP Hits 300.4 MPH at the Texas Mile, Sets New Standing Mile Record

At that speed, it takes the Ford GT less than one second to cover the length of a football field.

A previous-generation Ford GT prepped by M2K Motorsports achieved an eye-watering speed of 300.4 miles per hour at the Texas Mile event on Sunday. The mile-long runway of the Victoria Regional Airport proved to be just what the GT needed to stretch its 2,500 horsepower and establish a new standing mile record on just its third run.

According to a video uploaded to YouTube by M2K Motorsports, the Gulf-liveried Ford GT warmed up with a 174.5-mph run before cranking things up a notch and reaching 240 mph on its second trip down the runway, only to give it the whole enchilada on the third and final run when it successfully reached 300.4 mph. For you Euro folk, that’s a whopping 483.44 kilometers per hour in just a 1.60-km stretch of road. According to new information submitted by Texas Mile management, there were a total of four runs, two for “shakedown were parts failed and had to be replaced” and the other runs seen on the original video shared.

With the run verified by the event’s timing and scoring, the M2K crew successfully eclipsed the previous record-setting run set by the same car back in March 2017, when the same group of folks ran the standing mile at 293.6 mph. It’s not clear what performance enhancements have been performed to the GT since then, if any, but whatever the crew has done for the last two years has paid off—clearly.

The M2K Motorsports-prepped Ford GT retains the stock 5.4-liter V8 from the previous-generation Ford GT, but has been seriously amped-up to deliver stratospheric horsepower that not even a dyno can handle—yes, the 2,500 is merely an estimate—because once you reach the 2,000-horsepower mark it’s a bit difficult to safely strap down a beast of this caliber to pretty much anything.

While these type of records set by privateers don’t typically rattle the cages of the likes of Bugatti and Koenigsegg, we can imagine that lab coat-wearing men in Molsheim and Ängelholm will certainly catch wind of this impressive feat. Will they do anything about it? Only time will tell.