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Never-Titled 2005 Ford GT With 100 Miles Could Be Yours for a Cool $449,000

This might be the only 'new' first-gen Ford GT road car in the world, 13 years after it was built.

Hawk Ford in St. Charles, Illinois, has placed a 2005 Ford GT for sale that’s as close to brand new as you can get 13 years after production.

The Illinois Ford dealership is selling a never-titled 2005 Ford GT with only 104 miles on the clock. This unique situation follows after the Hawk Automotive Group purchased Zimmerman Ford this fall, a dealership that had kept the GT around without ever selling it. Since the first-generation Ford GT road car was never actually purchased, whoever buys it will be the first owner of the car that was built more than a decade ago.

Hawk Ford

Back in 2005, the MSRP on this car was $139,995-$149,995 (Ford increased the price mid-year)—Hawk has the initial price listed at $495,000, which is around the going rate of a modern GT. The dealer is offering a $45,100 “discount” for a listing price of $449,900, and the financing estimate breaks it down to $7,455 per month for five years—with  3.99 percent interest and 10 percent down.

A quick check of eBay’s for sale ads currently yields a similar, low-mileage 2005 Ford GT for about $100,000 less. However, if you want the bragging rights of being an original owner of this particular year model, this might be your only shot.

After checking the VIN given in the ad, this Ford GT is number 245 built, with a total of around 4,000 total models in the initial two-year run. In addition to being low-mileage, fairly early in the production timeline, and never owned, it’s also well-optioned for its time. Like with all its brethren, the car is powered by a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 motor that makes 550 horsepower and is backed by a six-speed manual transmission.

There’s certainly a great deal of historical significance just based on this GT being a 2005 model, making it a collector’s dream; now let’s see if being the first owner is worth the premium to the right buyer.