New Ford GT Windshield Uses Gorilla Glass, Like Your iPhone

Supercar spec, smartphone tech.

byBrendan McAleer|
Ford News photo

What if the tough, lightweight glass of your smartphone screen could make a better supercar? A grand idea, and now it’s in the works. The new Ford GT will use Gorilla Glass for its windshield and rear engine cover, lending extra strength and saving weight.

Much thinner than regular automotive glass, this new composite material combines a hardened inner layer with a regular-grade exterior glass using a thermoplastic laminate for noise reduction. Having the hardened layer on the inside works best for strength without fear of fracturing; if you've ever dropped and cracked your phone, you know why Ford kept its Gorilla Glass on the inside away from rock chips.

While it's best known for tech application, the automotive industry actually invented Gorilla Glass in the first place. Known as Chemcor, it was developed by Corning and used on some of the most badass Mopars of all time. Two hundred and two Plymouth Belvederes and Dodge Coronets were outfitted with this super lightweight glass in 1965, as part of Chrysler's factory drag racing program. Each got a 426cid Hemi, and were stripped of every last excess pound. They were actually so light that the NHRA applied a ballast penalty.

Those Chemcor-equipped Mopars could run the quarter-mile in the high-10-second range right out of the box. Now this technology comes back to the road in the form of the Ford GT. Now, just imagine if you could actually get your hands on one.