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You’re Full of Shit: A Drunken Argument About the New Ford GT

Grown men drinking and fighting about supercars. So Tuesday.

So The Drive’s chief auto critic Lawrence Ulrich and editor-at-large A.J. Baime walk into a bar…

Our guys had been out all day, tearing through Southern California, chasing a Volkswagen GTI in the new Chevy Volt. Then, they had a little disagreement. A.J. has seen the forthcoming 2016 Ford GT and thinks it’s a game-changer, both as a road and race machine. Lawrence, who has also seen the car, is duly unimpressed. Things got heated.

The Drive

Some background: A.J. literally

wrote the book on the old Ford GT, which famously won Le Mans in 1966. Lawrence, documented man of the people, was on the debate team in high school and can hold his liquor with aplomb.

Sixteen beers. Two goliaths. One supercar.

The automotive barstool debate is back.

Special thanks to The House of Shields for pouring drinks.

39 New Montgomery Street

San Francisco, CA


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