Ford GT Designer Camilo Pardo’s One-of-One Solar 7 Ford GT Is for Sale

Pardo’s personal last generation Ford GT pops up for sale again.

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We at The Drive are known for our love of cars and we love when unique cars pop up for sale or auction. Camilo Pardo was the designer responsible for the 2005-2006 Ford GT and his one-of-one 2005 Ford GT known as Solar 7 just popped up on eBay Motors.

The eBay listing claims that the car is the "rarest Ford GT on the planet" (from 2005 or 2006). Pardo came into ownership of the Ford GT that he designed four years ago. The GT was sixth in Pardo's Signature Ford GT Series, Solar 7. The listing claims this car is above all of the rest of the cars in Pardo's signature series as he owned the car himself and drove it for four years.

Pardo's Solar 7 Ford GT features signatures from many automotive celebrities including Bob Bondurant, David Hobbs, Peter Brock, Dan Gurney, and Pardo himself signed the car. 

There are a slew of upgrades and changes that make Pardo's Signature Series Solar 7. The car has a custom silver paint job along with black and orange accents, an upgraded pulley system, and tune bumping up the power of the Supercharged V8 engine by 100 horsepower to 650, and a lowered car stance.

YouTube channel Petrolicious featured the car back in February of 2017. Check out the Petrolicious feature video below.

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The car was last previously for sale on the Petrolicious Marketplace and sold for the price of $320,000. 

In its current sale, Pardo's Solar 7 has 15 days left on the eBay listing, set for Buy It Now/Make Offer only, set to end July 6, or until you buy it. The car is going for $449,980. 

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