Watch the 2,500-HP M2K Motorsports Ford GT Hit 294 MPH At the Texas Mile

Breaking hearts and records at 38 percent of the speed of sound.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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Remember when 300 miles per hour seemed like an impossible goal for any street-legal car? Not so much anymore. On Sunday, M2K Motorsports and its modified Ford GT set a new standing mile record at The Official Texas Mile in Victoria, Texas, blasting from a dead stop to a verified top speed of 293.6 miles per hour in just 5,280 feet. 

How does it do it? Lots and lots of power, baby. Remarkably, the M2K Motorsports-modified 2006 Ford GT is still based around the same 5.4-liter V8 found in the stock GT of last decade—but it's been revised and reworked to within an inch of its life. The engine has been redone by Accufab Racing; Ahlman Engineering handled the aerodynamics and suspension modifications, while NCS Designs took care of the tuning and wiring, and the ignition, ECU, and data acquistion systems were all handled by MoTeC. (It also wears a Gulf Oil livery, which we have to assume is worth at least two or three extra mph at the top end.)

According to a profile of the car from MotoIQ late last year, the changes add up to at least 2,035 wheel horsepower at close to 8,400 rpm. The "at least" caveat is there because that was as high as the dyno M2K used could go, according to the piece—and that number was set with the engine running 36 psi of boost. During standing-mile blasts, M2K reportedly runs 45 psi...which the company says translates to around 2,500 horsepower. And again, that was last year, when the car was only doing around 280 mph in the standing mile. 

Sadly, the video quality isn't spectacular—in fact, the quality is so low, we kind of wonder if M2K installed bought the camera around the same time as the Ford GT came out—but it's good enough to see the car rip off its world-beating time...and hear that thundering 5.4-liter V8 as it blasts through the gears on the way to a top speed that's within spitting distance of 300 miles per hour. 

A YouTuber named Aaron Scalise also caught the record run from outside the car.

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M2K also posted a video of the car launching on a 282 mph standing mile run from one day earlier, giving us a sense of what it looks like when the car takes off. 

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