Watch the World’s Fastest Nissan GT-R Destroy Half-Mile Record at 255 MPH

What do you know, 3,000 horsepower does the trick.

byKyle Cheromcha| UPDATED Jun 20, 2017 1:09 PM
Watch the World’s Fastest Nissan GT-R Destroy Half-Mile Record at 255 MPH

The ongoing Nissan GT-R drag war is one of the most enjoyable hot spots in the automotive world, and it looks like a new salvo has been launched. The team at Extreme Turbo Systems finally got their dyno-destroying build dialed in, and the 3,000-horsepower Nissan GT-R just set a world record for the fastest half-mile with two runs over 250 mph—at altitude in Colorado, no less. 

ETS and rival AMS Performance are both known as the place to go for truly insane Nissan GT-R tunes that more than triple the car's factory horsepower rating, and they've been duking it out on the drag strip to see who reigns supreme for a while now. AMS captured the record for quickest AWD quarter-mile run earlier this year, and ETS quickly got to work with a tune that had their GT-R maxing out the dyno in a truly epic display of power.

At the time, the engineers estimated the car's output at around 2,700 horsepower, and we at The Drive noted we couldn't wait to see how that would translate on the strip. But it turns out they managed to push that number up to 3,000 by the time this weekend's Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack rolled around, and the results are pretty undeniable. After blowing a tire during a practice attempt, they quickly got to work and set two new world records for the half-mile—the first at 252.38 mph, soon followed by an astounding 255.53 mph grand finale under sunnier skies.

The Colorado Springs Airport is at approximately 6,100 feet, but the twin turbo system ETS rigged up was able to offset the elevation by forcing staggering amounts of air through that V6 engine. Additionally, the thinner air offered less resistance to the GT-R, helping it push past the 250 mph mark with ease. Check it out below: