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Watch a Brand New Nissan GT-R Crash on Tail of the Dragon

This GT-R owner bit off more than he could chew when the Dragon claimed his brand new car.

The Tail of the Dragon is almost a passage to car manhood, if such a thing were real. People travel from all over the country to drive the iconic road that lies between Tennessee and North Carolina. Drivers go there to feel the road through their steering wheel and push their car’s limits while carefully traversing each of its 318 curves over the 11-mile stretch of asphalt. The road is also famous for something else—claiming cars with its enticing siren song, which is exactly what happened to this-one-month-old GT-R with only 2,000 miles on the clock.

The moment was caught on video as the car hammers down on the last turn before the crash. From watching the video, it seems like the driver took the earlier corner too wide and couldn’t correct in time to make the next corner. It also appears that the driver began to brake while already in a slide and Godzilla simply pushed all 3,900 pounds of its weight into the turn. One member on GT-R Life claims to know the driver who stated that there were debris on the road which contributed to the accident. Whatever may have been the cause of the accident, the deed is already done.

Take a look below:

Another video from a different angle gives another set of eyes on the driver before the crash (though you can only actually hear the accident, since the car disappears only moments before the crash).

All things considered, an accident on the Tail’ isn’t really a surprise. It’s a known driving road and these things happen quite often on it—at least forty fatalities have been reported since 1995. The driver should feel lucky because the accident could have been much, much worse:

Luckily the trees were there […] car would have went over the cliff otherwise

Acquaintance of driver (on GT-R Life forums)

Of course, there were a few people nearby to take some photos of the aftermath: