Spoiler Alert: Nissan Will Have a GT-R at The New York Auto Show

They want us to know it still has tail lights.

byWill Sabel Courtney| UPDATED May 10, 2021 9:51 AM
Spoiler Alert: Nissan Will Have a GT-R at The New York Auto Show

In sports car terms, Nissan's GT-R is, how shall we put this politely...ancient. Look at it this way: When the R35 GT-R launched in 2007, Porsche was still on the 997.1 generation of the 911, BMW's E92 version of the M3 was only a few months old, and Chevrolet has just launched the C6-generation Corvette ZR1. Every one of those has been replaced at least once since then. The R35 GT-R, meanwhile, just keeps on keepin' on.

To combat this, Nissan has been upgrading its AWD supercar-killer with a frequency that makes Apple look lazy. Almost every year brings a little more power, revised aerodynamics, a better interior—something to keep the GT-R in front of buyers who are considering forking over the cost of a small house for a stupendously fast sports car. And it seems 2016 will be no exception. On March 16, Nissan sent out a teaser for their 2016 New York Auto Show plans, consisting of a GIF of a GT-R's tail lamps lighting up...and, well, that's it.

It's not as creative as Audi's Q2-teasing GIF from before the Geneva show, but it's still cool, if new GT-R news is your thing. The silhouette doesn't reveal much in the way of physical changes—there's no giant spoiler or change in the shape of the lights—so we're guessing Nissan is planning another round of minor tweaks and changes. Horsepower will probably rise from the current 545 ponies, the front and rear ends will probably be redesigned a bit, maybe it'll get some new headlights or a better stereo. Y'know, the usual.

Whatever the upgrades are, they probably won't be the last ones the R35 GT-R receives before it's finally booted out the door by its successor. That car, which will probably be hybridized, might be able to drive itself around the 'Ring while looking quite a bit like Nissan's Vision Gran Turismo concept, and won't arrive until 2018 at the earliest (and might not show up until 2020). But if that gives us a few more chances to play with the R35, hey, we won't complain.