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Nissan Built a McDonald’s-Themed GT-R NISMO so Ronald Can Finally Smoke the Burger King

Your move, King.

byJames Gilboy|
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It's no longer a surprise to hear the ancient Nissan GT-R will carry on for another year, in the form of a new and more expensive model. After wrapping up its less-than-groundbreaking announcement of the 2022 GT-R Nismo Special Edition, though, Nissan unexpectedly popped open a giant McDonald's Happy Meal box to reveal a gold-wrapped version of the new GT-R, one themed around the iconic Golden Arches. Before you get your hopes up, no, it won't be some bizarro limited-production model, though it will be one a handful of Japanese fast-foodies get to drive.

McDonald's and Nissan built the McDT-R to hype up the GT-R's return to the Happy Meal toy roster in Japan, where the meals are known as the "Happy Set." A hand-sized replica of the gold GT-R will be one of five Tomica-made miniatures included with Happy Set meals in Japan between April 30 and May 13, the other cars on offer being the Suzuki Jimny, Toyota 86, Mitsubishi Delica, and the plain grey GT-R Nismo Special Edition.

2022 Nissan GT-R Nismo Special Edition McDonald's promo presentation (gift card bottom right), Nissan

A handful of Japanese drivers can also win time behind the wheel of Ronald's GT-R by way of an online sweepstakes hosted by McD's Japan. According to translations of the contest's webpage, two families with up to three eligible drivers apiece will be invited to Nissan's Grandrive proving grounds in Kanagawa, where they will receive test drives in the car and a ride-along with a Nissan test driver, who will presumably demonstrate what the GT-R can really do. Afterward, they'll get a commemorative photo with the car, not to mention a copy of the little gold toy it takes after.

Those too young to put their names in the hat for a test drive can still enter to win one of 20 consolation prizes—commemorative gold gift cards with the car printed on them. But while the JP¥1,000 they're loaded with will certainly buy a meal, you can't send a McNugget flying off a Hot Wheels ramp. Not without enough force to get you thrown out of a McDonald's, anyway. Still wish I wore a body cam for that one.

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