YouTubers Dude Perfect Created the Hot Wheels Track of Your Wildest Dreams

Watch this one-minute segment to inspire your next track build.

byKristin V. Shaw|
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“Welcome to the ride of your life,” Dude Perfect YouTuber Garrett Hilbert says as he sends a Hot Wheels car down a track that is probably a hundred times longer than any track you’ve ever seen.

In case you’re not one of the 55 million subscribers to the Dude Perfect YouTube channel, these five guys from Texas make a ton of money creating and capturing trick shots and sports-related stunts. This particular video features a Rube Goldberg machine (an unnecessarily complicated creation that executes a simple task) for a toy car; at the end, it bumps a golf ball for a hole in one at close range. Navigating jumps, flips, loops, tunnels, and a domino knockdown, a series of Hot Wheels cars tag team to get to the end of the course. It weaves through a house and across the patio, crossing the pool and splashing through a water hazard along the way; and Coby, Cody, Tyler, and Cory flip water bottles (one of their specialties) and drive RC trucks across the tracks.

YouTube/Hot Wheels

It’s not the longest continuous Hot Wheels track in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, though. That distinction belongs to the Fitzy & Wippa Show in Sydney, Australia, who set the record last August with 820 yards (more than eight back-to-back football fields!) and one car. I think the previous record set by 2018 NASCAR Cup Series champion Joey Logano was more impressive because it was set up to weave through his car collection, including a DeLorean DMC12, a 1972 Ford Econoline, and a 2017 Ford GT. 

If you’re looking for squeaky-clean content to show the kids or just like to watch guys with a whole lot of enthusiasm, Dude Perfect has hundreds of videos online. Maybe they’ll inspire you to set up all the Hot Wheels tracks in your house and make one of your own. Pro tip: set up your phone at the end of a loop and record it in slo-mo. It's endlessly entertaining. 

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