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Watch a Monster Truck Pull off a Ridiculous 144-Foot-Long Jump and Break a World Record

Ever seen a machine that weighs 12,000 pounds fly like a paper airplane? Well, now you have.

Monster Jam stands as one of the most entertaining automotive spectacles on earth some 25-plus years after it originally debuted on national television. With events held across the United States and horsepower-crazed lunatics leading the way, outrageous stunts like front-flips and barrel rolls highlight the raucous showcases of 12,000-pound trucks doing the impossible. The newest feat to add to this list was performed in Orlando, Florida on Saturday when Colton Eichelberger jumped seven other monster trucks in his 1,500-horsepower machine, flying 144 feet in the process.

A video uploaded to YouTube by Autoweek‘s Mike Pryson depicts the aerial act that took place during Monster Jam’s World Finals encore:

Tom Meentz, a 12-time Monster Jam World Finals champion and Eichelberger’s father, previously held the record after setting it in 2016.

It takes a steep jump and a good deal of speed to make such a hefty machine fly that far, but it’s nothing out of the norm for Monster Jam’s regulars. Wicked suspension setups pair with tall tires and supercharged V8 engines, making this all possible for trucks that weigh the same as two Ford Super Duty pickups put together.

If you’re craving more monster truck mania, the original Bigfoot—a 1974 Ford F-250 which started it all—is undergoing a full-on restoration. You can watch the build series on PowerNation‘s YouTube channel and check out some of Bigfoot’s most significant milestones in our article from last week.